Like A Poem He Came to Me

Like A Poem

He came to me like a poem

Suddenly wrapping itself up into every sense

I waited for you, prayed for you and believed in you before I knew your name

He always was, and always fit just perfectly into the masterpiece that is

I just couldn’t see, couldn’t believe it

Like a poem, he came and flooded my soul

It felt like he was there all along

Even if no one else believed, it was written

Illegible scribbled ink dependent on my mood

Out of the pages, he came to be  

He came to me like a poem

When I least expected it

“He will come when you least expect it”

All the married women would say

And they were certainly right, he just strolled right in

Like the poem demanding to be written

That stubborn creative flood that rushes through your fingertips at night

Disturbing your sleep to be born onto the page

What an exquisite nocturnal feast taking center stage

Imagine him

Standing there in the family portrait

He had been there all along

With quiet confidence

Awaiting his grand entrance

He came to me like a poem

And I felt at home

Holding hands and determined to stay close   

He seemed so familiar, so comforting

His presence pierced my skin like a tattoo and instantly I knew why

I recognized him from my dreams

He was sent to encourage me

Many moons ago

Before I believed in the happiness love could bring

He came to me like a poem

Always there, just not noticeable to the human eye

But when you recognize the force within

You wake up and get out of the way

Let it flow and let it stay

Like a poem,  he came and breathed life into me


One thought on “Like A Poem He Came to Me

  1. This is absolutely beautiful and heartfelt! You can feel the love you have for him by reading your words. You have a unique writing style and it’s beautiful how you used it to express this for Davie. God bless you both. Your marriage is an inspiration. I love you! 🥰

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