Our Taino Sonshine

Donovan James, 

Like an early morning ray of light son

You were created

Whispers of gentle flowing energy embraced my womb

My heart rhythmic pulse lulled you to sleep

Many nights I searched the stars for the shape and size of your eyes

With each flutter, I jumped with excitement at the thought of your sweet and perfect face

Children are a gift from God, an inheritance from the Lord 

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart

If it’s his plan and purpose for your life it will be done in the name of Jesus

And before I know it you will be here

In my arms precious innocent love beaming through you and piercing my heart with such a force

I imagine tracing your face with my fingertips

And I know I will fall in love all over again

Motherly words flow freely from my lips and I will sing to you in our native language

With so much emotion my eyes with cry happy tears over you

every move you make

Every step you take is intricately stitched to my heart and a quilt of your scent will embrace me

That baby fresh smell will tickle my nose and I will lean into your neck for more

A mother, a creator, a universal woman given the most miraculous power on Earth

To bring forth life from the fruit of my womb and love you with all of my heart

I will slowly lean into your perfect face and respond with butterfly kisses

You were knit together in my womb and soon I will get to enjoy your unconditional love forever

We can’t wait to meet you Sonshine


One thought on “Our Taino Sonshine

  1. This is heartwarming and a reminder of what God entrusted us women with- The miracle of life! I love what you did with SONshine. πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ He sure will shine, just like the rest of your babies. God bless your beautiful kids!

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