I am so blessed to be alive and well. I am a miracle and I am here for a purpose. I know God has a plan for my life to encourage and uplift as I share my truth.

God is not done with me yet. He’s been transforming me into his likeness for over 10 years. I was saved to share my story and win souls for heaven.

God has given me a spirit of good courage and I will not stop sharing the gospel in the way I walk, talk and live.

I am in a good season and I am grateful.

January was incredibly hard on my family because of my hospitalization but thanks to prayer and support we made it through and are great examples of what happens in this walk.

God says there will be trails of many kinds but I will be with you. Read the book of James. He says consider it pure joy to ensure trials of many kinds. It’s builds perseverance and character.

I thank God for family, church and a medical team that has helped me adjust to meds and be able to come back stronger and healthier for my two daughters.

It has not been a walk in the park but I know I am not alone.

Be encouraged. God has equipped you for today. Stay focused on the present moment and claim your victory.

I am healing, and writing to be set free. I am standing in my power and God given authority.

I know God will finish what he started. He doesn’t leave my side… and he is with you too in your suffering whatever it may be.

The best way I can spend my time now as I recover is to focus on one thing at a time. Not one day but one moment. God always handles the rest.

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