The best thing about receiving a new journal is, opening up a crisp page and starting over. It’s like New Year’s Eve all over again. I started a new journal with my fitness goals and slowly it has evolved into a prayer journal. One desire I have for my life is to always keep God in the center of my heart and daily activities, so this totally makes sense.


As I go through the pages I realize a trend, New Year, New Goals, New Me. On the first page of my journal, I usually write a declaration. This journal belongs to… Insert here, you know what I’m referring to. Well, I have plugged in A Woman of God. I know my name but I want to be known for being A Woman of God. I don’t want to just attend church and post about it. I want my life to be a reflection of Jesus and everything he has done to transform me.


From the things he did before I was saved, how he saved me and right now how ever-present he is in my life. I want YOU to know, Jesus can work a miracle in your life. I will tell you how I know.


Exactly 3 months ago, I had my third miscarriage and my 2nd as a married woman. I did not know it was going to happen but I do know that God brought me through that experience and I am stronger and more in love with him for it.

When Delilah went to heaven 3/10/13, I was stuck. I had no idea how or why I should move on, take it easy and try again. I was fearful of the unknown and of course, worried the same thing would happen again. This time around was different. I was 2 months, and I will not say “only” because a baby is created in a mother’s womb and a loss at any stage is painful. However, I was 2 months and sad to say but because I experienced it before at 5 months, I do believe it was easier to understand. You know we learn from our past mistakes. My husband and I grieved in different ways, we were in shock, denial, we were a bit angry not as much as the first time but we chose to handle this event of our lives differently. We decided to grow even closer to God. Now with Delilah, don’t get me wrong God was and is always present but we didn’t want much to do with him. We took a short “break” from all things church and it wasn’t until recently maybe October 2013, that I found and started attending service again. I didn’t even attend faithfully until recently. We now attend prayer service and Sunday services because we know we must first Seek the Kingdom of God Matthew 6:33. We learned from the experience and mistakes we made in the past and decided that we must go and be present with the Lord, even and especially in difficult circumstances. We wouldn’t ask why or say Woe is me. We are not Victims, we are VICTORIOUS!


We decided that God always knows best and gives us what we need when we need it, he doesn’t take away. Am I disappointed that we have had to suffer in this way, absolutely but I know that our Father in heaven knows best. After my recent miscarriage, I took control of my weight, my business, and my faith life. Giving it all back to God.


I prayed God would get involved in my health and help me with my goals.

I prayed God would heal my womb and I consider it done in his name, so when we do conceive again I will not be worried or stressed out. His word says, be anxious for NOTHING!

I prayed God would show me my purpose, in visions, dreams, through people. I asked for confirmation because I am in a career that is like still water at times and I can sense its time to move towards my dreams.


So cut to this week 4/7/14, I received a word from God, deep down in my spirit and it means New Year. God has answered my prayers for all of the things I asked and gave me an even sweeter message.

God who is ever present in our time of need is planning great things for this year.  He has some amazing things he is rolling out this year and no matter what has happened in the past, a new year means a chance for success.


In all things, I give God the glory for the changes and the growth. I know he can do the same for you.


Whatever it is, and wherever you are right now in life. Pray and ask for his guidance and he will show up in your sleep, in conversation or in the best possible place, the word of God.


Be well and be blessed,